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GOMMA Line Quality policy is a part of business policy aimed to satisfy customer requirements in terms of expectations, quality, deadlines and prices.

Environment policy expresses our decision to protect and improve protection of the environment respecting law legislatives and acts.

Our vision is to became regional leader.

In that purpose we have decided to:

- maintain and perform continuous improvement of the quality management system according to ISO/TS 16949 requirements,

- maintain and perform continuous improvement of the environment management system according to ISO 14001 requirements,

- maintain and perform continuous improvement of the quality management system according to ISO 9001 requirements in mold design and manufacturing process,

- organize production activities according to LEAN principles,

- plan objectives and targets; monitor, analyze and evaluate achieved results of the quality and environmental policy and make the decisions based on facts,

- have systematic, professional and analytic approach in all fields of our business, improve the quality of our products aiming complete fulfillment of the customers expectations,

- promote leadership principle, teamwork and respect, communication and involvement of all employees in the realization of planned goals,

- base our business on capable, skillful, experience and creative employees who will achieve planned goals and affirm GOMMA Line values,

- aspire to continuous improvement of the achieved process level, products and organization quality, as never ending process,

- make and care about partnership relationship with our clients, suppliers and other interested parties,

- identify all aspects that have or might have influence on the environment and take action to prevent environment pollution,

- analyze environmental impacts in the phase of business activities planning and process development and provide pollution prevention,

- save resource and energy, use recycling materials and perform waste management,

- act in the framework of the positive legislative and business norms and establish continuous progress in satisfaction of employees, social community, environment protection and share holders satisfaction ,

- communicate this policy to all employees and interested parties.


GOMMA Line new premises
27. Sep 2017.

GOMMA Line new premises

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