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Rubber Profiles | Molded products | Brake Hoses | Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


Quality, Safety, Reliability, Innovation



Gomma Line to be the best supplier in Balkan region for rubber and plastics injection molds, rubber based parts and metal parts for Automotive and Industrial applications as well as to maintain the status of a recognized supplier of original equipment for OEMs.



Gomma Line's mission is to fully satisfy our Customers and Stakeholders, in terms of Quality, Durability and Reliability, Safety, Health & Environment, Innovation and Expectations and Timing, by continuous improvement in all its processes.


Long-term strategic objectives


  1. Products and standards
  • Continuously raise the Product’s Quality, with the intention to fully meet the expectations of our Customers;
  • Assure Safety, Durability and Reliability of the Products;
  • Continuously look for Innovation in Company’s Products and Processes, as a key to competitive advantage vs other competitors;


  1. Markets and Customers
  • Expand the Customer portfolio vs the most important Tier-1 Suppliers and possibly OEMs of the enlarged Automotive industry, i.e. cars, trucks, agricultural and industrial vehicles;
  • Expand the Customer portfolio vs important Tier-1 Suppliers and possibly OEMs of rubber and plastics products;
  • Increase competitiveness and awareness of GOMMA Line vs other Suppliers of the same industries, located in the Balkan region;


  1. Internal organization
  • Plan targets, monitor, analyze and review the achieved results and the Quality policy;
  • Make decisions based on facts and analytic approach;
  • Promote principles of leadership, teamwork and respects, communication and involvement of all employees in the implementation of planned targets;
  • Organize production activities according to ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 standards and LEAN Production principles;
  • Assure Safety and Health of all the Company’s Employees;


  1. Relationships with stakeholders.
  • Create and foster close partnerships with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders;
  • Base our business on competent, professional, experienced and creative staff;
  • Operate within applicable legal and business standards;
  • Achieve continuous progress in improving the satisfaction of our employees, social community and shareholders;
  • Assure transparency of Quality and Environmental Policy for employees and related stakeholders;


  1. Environment
  • Identify all related aspects and analyze influences to environment in the early stage of process planning and perform prevention of pollution;
  • Save resources and energy and waste control.




GOMMA Line new premises
27. Sep 2017.

GOMMA Line new premises

GOMMA Line, same knowledge, new factory